Specialized Training:

  • 02/1996 – United States Army Basic Training and AIT School graduation
  • 03/1997 – Indiana Law Enforcement Academy
  • 09/1997 – Street Survival Course
  • 06/2001 – Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Certified Instructor Development Course
  • 09/2002 – Firearms Instructor Course Handgun and Shotgun
  • 10/2003 – Glock Armorer Course
  • 06/2005 – Patrol Rifle Instructor Course
  • 09/2005 – Colt Armorer Course
  • 06/2007 – Rock River Arms Armorer Course
  • 07/2007 – Glock Armorer Course
  • 04/2009 – Remington M/870 Police Armorers Course
  • 05/2009 – Simunition FX Scenario Instructor and Safety Course
  • 05/2009 – Specialty Impact Munitions and Chemical Munitions Instructor Course
  • 02/2010 – Taser Instructor Course
  • 06/2010 – Glock Armorer Course
  • 09/2010 – Rock River Armorer Course
  • 03/2012 – Specialty Impact Munitions and Chemical Munitions Instructor Course
  • 06/2012 – Law Enforcement Sniper Course
  • 07/2012 – International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors – Master Instructor
  • 01/2013 – Field Trauma Care Course
  • 10/2013 – Smith and Wesson Armorer Course
  • 11/2013 – Small Unit Tactics
  • 03/2014 – Force Science Institute Certified
  • 05/2014 – Re-certification for Taser Instructor
  • 04/2015 – Active Shooter Instructor Certified (RAIDER Training)
  • 07/2015 – NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor
  • 06/2016 – Tactical Pistol Instructor Certification with Langdon Tactical
  • 04/2017 – Advanced SWAT Tactics Certification with S.C.A.R.
  • 07/2017 – Advanced Handgun Instructor Certification from Work Horse



Jonathan (Jon) Tindal is the Owner and Lead Instructor of Defensive Shooting Concepts. Jon has 23 years of Law Enforcement experience and is currently a member of one of Indiana’s larger law enforcement agencies. He currently serves on his department’s Tactical Team and is an instructor with the Firearms Training Division. Prior to his work with his current department he served with two other central Indiana law enforcement agencies. While in law enforcement he has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, served as a Shift Commander, and held the position of Department Training Coordinator. Jon’s work with his current agency includes a multitude of certifications, instructor positions, and accolades, including being a two time recipient of the Medal of Merit. In 1997, Jon graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy ranked 4th out of 129 students. He also served in the Army National Guard as a Military Police Officer from 1995-2003.

In addition to Jon’s time on patrol he spends hundreds of hours training members of the law enforcement community throughout the State of Indiana. Jon now spends a majority of his training time in the firearms area and has become an irreplaceable asset with a wealth of knowledge. He builds on his knowledge by continuing his education in firearms. Jon is a certified armorer with respected brands such as, Smith & Wesson, Glock, Colt, Rock River and Remington.  Jon is constantly constructing new and effective ways to train Indiana’s law enforcement officers in the firearms field and is the lead firearms instructor for his department Tactical Team. He has also served as a guest instructor in firearms, at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. Jon is certified in the instruction of handgun, shotgun and patrol rifle, as well as Taser, less lethal and chemical munitions, Simunition (simulated munitions) and Force on Force tactics. He is also trained in Street Survival and weapons retention. In 2012, Jon earned the IALEFI Certification of Master Firearms Instructor.  He is an avid NRA member and a GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundations Member.

Jon is repeatedly tasked with the responsibility of building training plans that continually stress firearms safety and basics, but that also put the student in dynamic situations, preparing them for the possibility of a firearms related encounter. Jon delivers training that is above standards and builds the students confidence in firearms proficiency as well as performance in stress induced situations.




Defensive Shooting Concepts is excited to have Christopher Yates as part of our team. Christopher, a Law Enforcement Officer with 10 years of experience, has joined Defensive Shooting Concepts Instructor Cadre. Chris has been an active part of his department’s firearms training division for more than six years. He continually strives to teach new, effective tactics and techniques. He is an Indiana Law Enforcement Academy certified Firearm’s Instructor and holds Instructor certifications in Handgun, Patrol Rifle and Taser platforms; he is also a certified Instructor for Active Shooter/ Terrorist Response.

Chris is well known for his dedication and passion for teaching and enjoys providing the latest training in response tactics. He is a veteran member of his department’s Tactical Team and serves as an assistant Firearms Instructors for the team. Chris, along with his team members, have been honored at the three most recent annual Indiana Swat Challenge competitions. The team placed first in multiple challenges and events.

Chris spends countless hours on duty, as well as his own personal time, ensuring that he is up to date with the latest firearms safety and instruction techniques. Chris has been requested as a guest instructor at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, where he trains new Police Officers from across the state. He also holds Armorer certifications for both AR-15 Rifles and Glock Handguns and is a member of the Glock Sport Shooting Foundation.

Chris has been a lifelong hunter and grew up in his family’s hometown firearms business. He is extremely passionate about the work that he does and takes pride in the certifications and leadership roles that he holds within the department and community.


Song Kang is the newest member of Defensive Shooting Concepts.  Song has 15 years of law enforcement experience and he is currently serving as an active member of a growing, nationally accredited law enforcement agency located in central Indiana.

Song has many duties at his agency as the department’s head firearms instructor/armorer, K9 coordinator/handler/trainer and an active shooter instructor.  He’s a certified pistol, shotgun, rifle and select fire (full auto) instructor with over 1,000 instructor hours instructing basic recruits to tactical team operators.

Song also holds certifications as a Rock River Arms AR Armorer, Glock Pistol Armorer, HK USP 45 Tactical/P30/P2000 Armorer, and Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 /Shield Armorer.  Along with countless firearms training hours, Song also trains handlers and police dogs on tactical deployments.

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